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Volcom Fiji pro

Those who have been fortunate enough to have visited the tiny island paradise of Tavarua are a few of the luckiest SOB’s on the planet. Tavarua is like the “mecca” of surfing. Every truly dedicated surfer plans to make at least one pilgrimage to Tavarua in their lifetime. Just like Mecca, though, the journey is long and arduous. Surrounded by an endless expanse of heavenly blue water, this island is miles away from any civilization, at least one boat trip, a car ride, and many hours away from an airport. Unlike Mecca, however, Tavarua is tiny and has a “wait list” that can go on for years. To some, the idea of waiting so long, then traveling that far could be epic, and the rewards far outweigh the labors of the journey. For those who attempt to put on a live broadcast from an island as remote as this one, the trip could be considered a bit of a logistical nightmare.

So just imagine a surf break on a reef pass, 2 miles out to sea from this teensie-weensie little island that sleeps less than 100 people.  Now try and imagine how to do a live broadcast.  Yes- a live broadcast- the kind with lots and lots and even more lots of heavy-ass equipment, up against impossible odds like: corrosive sea air and water, monster swells, and sheer distances that make communication horrendous.  UTMG was daunted with this seemingly unsurmountable task.  We took a look straight down that barrel (no pun intended) and laughed in the face of danger.  Hard to believe, but over the course of 10 insane days, the Championship Tour of Professional Surfers came and went and put on quite a show.

In June of 2012, Volcom hosted its first ever ASP World Championship Tour event in Fiji at the world famous Tavarua Island Resort.   This story requires lots of imagination- but continue to imagine now- a group of camera men crossing nearly a mile of treacherous reef under just inches of crystal clear water, carrying hundreds of pounds of expensive and delicate camera equipment.  The sun shines beautifully yet brutally overhead.  Picture a tower that stands 2 stories tall, erected over a mile out into the ocean.  Now factor in one of the most epic swells (and by epic, we just mean plain old big and mean.)  Now throw in 46 of the worlds best surfers and you’ve got a recipe for a seriously bad ass surf contest.

Carve Magazine out of the UK featured UTMG Producer Chris Steblay about the challenges and sea sickness that went along with the Fiji Pro.