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Event Driven Media

While for many  events the live broadcast is the main driver for eyeballs, side car content can help drive traffic and overall awareness of the event itself. In addition to driving traffic high causality content has become critical to a dynamic and story driven broadcast. We have years of experience in turning around high quality  content in a moments notice. 

Natural Selection Tour Cold Open

The start of any  broadcast needs to inform and grab viewers. Here is an example of our work on the start of a live snowboarding event that took place in Alaska.

New Era X NBA Athlete Social Promotion

While the running time is a bit longer this video showcases how we have built a brands ambassador story into a short digestible piece of content.

Nike Event Driven TV Spot

Less than 6 hours after an event we broadcast for Nike we edited and delivered a TV Spot which aired less than 10 hours after the event finished.

In Broadcast Quick Story Telling

Produced and edited in 1 day  we have made hours of content for in show programming to help tell relevant stories.

Athlete Interviews

Quick VOX POP interviews placed in Broadcast to help drive character development. 

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