Cozmo lost in reddit

The folks at Wieden + Kennedy’s technology and innovation department, The Lodge, had a crazy idea. The concept was that this AI powered robot named Cozmo was lost in Reddit (a web of miniature Reddit-themed escape rooms) and the website participants had to vote and interact with Cozmo to help him escape.

The Lodge asked us to help them crack one of the toughest social communities on the internet: Reddit. Our directive was not to dictate Cozmo’s movement, nor would we have control of it, our objective was to cinematically cover Cozmo in all rooms for the entirety of the game in the most nimble way possible.

This broadcast would be the first of it’s kind where miniaturized stages would be the setting for a live broadcast. We took an entirely new and unprecedented approach to tackling this challenge with state-of- the-art cameras and the newest tools and technologies to be able to transcend the traditional broadcast barriers. We used stabilized camera gimbals to provide smooth and realistic camera movements to portray the live and unscripted action. We used cutting edge signal converters to integrate specialized camera equipment into traditional broadcast format. In addition to the 9 custom live sets, we were tasked to incorporate reactive sound effects, and a live original music score by the band, Helio Sequence.

Ultimately, the team turned reddit into a giant, 6-hour gameplay & chat room, where the user’s real-time interaction dictated the storyline of the game and eventually Cozmo the robot was guided to a winning result. Throughout the broadcast, the reddit website saw a record amount of comments, especially an increase of those sneering and skeptical, asking for proof in real time that the broadcast was indeed not pre-taped. We proudly proved them wrong.


 The Lodge, who created this elaborate Reddit-themed game for toy-robot maker and new client Anki, truly illustrated their ability to create a very eye catching and successful campaign. Working alongside their team gave Uncle Toad’s the opportunity to showcase our group’s ability to adapt and innovate in bizarre and uncommon applications in the world of live streaming and media.

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